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   What is iF!OFF! anyway?

Have your ever wanted to tell someone off?

You know...
      * The BOSS from hell!
      * The crazy CO-WORKER!
      * The annoying CLASSMATE!
      * The brain dead FRIEND!

Or even someone you really care about but can't just tell them off
cause...while they may be annoying... you still value their
friendship! Well now you CAN!

Now you can tell ALL of them to F!ck OFF! without...
      * Losing your JOB!
      * Getting kicked out of SCHOOL!
      * Ending valued PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS!

You Can Do it ALL with...iF!OFF!

iF!OFF! is a great little App that
allows you to blow off some steam
and have a little fun at the same time.
Hopefully , it will allow you to laugh at whatever situation
is getting you

Go ahead...tell' em to iF!OFF!

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